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Perfume Mixer

Perfume Mixer

Are you frustrated after using a low-class hand blender for perfume mixing? 

Speed up your mixing job & save your time.

Here is a heavy-duty magnetic stirrer for hassle-free mixing.


The Magnetic Stirrer Plate, This machine is use for chemical mixing.  Cyclone is an ideal tool for stirring in scientific research. It finds application not only in the chemical industry for chemical mixing but also in perfume mixing, beauty, health, and medicine, among other areas. Equipped with a magnetic stirrer bar (7mm × 30mm), it offers a speed range of up to 0-3000 rpm and a maximum stirring volume of 3000 ml (0.8 gallons). While it may not be suitable for highly viscous solutions, it facilitates the effective mixing of low viscous substances.


In operation, a stirring magnet is placed in a container submerged in the fluid, with a separate magnet positioned beneath the container to attract the magnetic stirrer bar. Typically, the lower magnet is connected to a motor that spins it, thus causing the stir bar magnet to rotate inside the container.

Depending on specific requirements, users can configure their magnetic stirrers with hot plates to heat samples during stirring. With the incorporation of a hot plate stirrer, a diverse range of samples can be mixed for various applications.

The Magnetic Stirrer.

with its specifications including a power of 6W, speed ranging from 200 to 3000 RPM, and a working pan size of 150MM, operates at a voltage of DC-12v with an adapter compatible with 100-240V 50/60Hz. Its product size is 180*150*100MM, and it accommodates magnet sizes ranging from 24-35MM.


Highlighted features of this magnetic stirrer include its high-quality stainless steel top plate, offering rust resistance, with a top plate size of 150mm * 150mm. It boasts powerful capabilities, accommodating up to 3000ml capacity, making it ideal for large-scale mixing tasks. Additionally, it ensures ease of use with its step-less adjustable stirring speed, enabling speed regulation of up to 3000 rpm. Portable and versatile, it is perfect for stirring applications in scientific research, the chemical industry, perfume mixing, health, and medicine, among other fields.

Packing list

Magnetic Stirrer Cyclone

Power Adaptor 12v 2.5 Amp

(Note: Glass beaker is not included in the package) 

Magnetic Stir bar (7*30mm)

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