Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faisalabad, Pakistan

CEO Message

Mr. Hassan Gillani

After many years of dedication to providing accurate, reliable and consistent Textile Testing Services, we have expanded and reshaped testing to accommodate the growing demands of the buyers and companies in the other sectors of the industry as well. Keeping up with these demands and needs has only been possible with commitment and strict compliance to good lab practices. We have constantly been upgrading our capabilities by accreditation, internal and external audits, regular training of personnel, as well as by educating the concerned people about the many benefits of Testing.


Pace-Enterprise offers complete services covering topics like Laboratory Instrument Selection, Instrument operation training, Application training, Timely online support, Transparent warranty policy, a dedicated team will stand behind your back to ensure you have to trouble and risk of using our textile testing equipment.


Pace-Enterprise is committed to being partners with textile industry practitioners and textile enthusiasts to help them succeed, by providing technical knowledge and guidance on textile testing and textile laboratory equipment.